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What We Do

What We Do?

Assistance to our Army

The priority is to support units at the forefront! We supply medicines, hygiene items, cloths, and basic equipment to our Army and territorial defence forces.

Assistance to hospitals and civilians

We supply medicines and hygiene items to military hospitals, provide people at the liberated and frontline areas with food.


We conduct tactical medicine trainings.

What we DO NOT do?


We do not purchase or transport any weaponry or cartridges!

Private orders

We do not deliver medicines or packages at civilians’ private orders.

If we spend our effort on a private delivery the whole military unit may suffer from the lack of medicine, food, or warm clothes. Please be reasonable.

Our Benefactors

Currently, most of the purchases are made at the expense of our volunteers and their friends.

Some companies and philanthropists also help us to support defenders.

We accept donations from anyone who wants to help