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“Drops” of Point-U rocket

We have prepared something special for you

Keychain made with original fragment of the 9M79 “Point-U” rocket wing
Rocket serial number: 0400007 – Ш9109539

About the rocket and its wreckage

During their regular raid to Eastern Ukraine, our guys found the wreckage of a 9M-79 Point-U rocket in Lozova town, Kharkiv region. It was shot down by the Ukrainian air defence system, the wreckage fell down 300 meters far from the school.

The guys took the rocket’s wing part with them to Kyiv. It just lay idle for a couple of weeks, until we decided that such a symbol of the Ukrainian struggle shouldn’t gather dust in the warehouse.


A lot of work has been done to make these keychains for you by hands. We taped the video of producing process and are happy to share with you. Just look at how occupiers’ killing weapon is becoming a symbol of the Ukrainian struggle for life!

Each keychain is unique

These “drops” are duralumin, include structural ribs of the 9M79 Point-U rocket. All treated fragments are unique in their shape, size, curvature, existing damages and scratches. In total, we have made 30 “drops”, from which you can choose the one you like best.

Fragment 01 of 30
Fragment 02 of 30
Fragment 03 of 30
Fragment 04 of 30
Fragment 05 of 30
Fragment 06 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 07 of 30
Fragment 08 of 30
Fragment 09 of 30
Fragment 10 of 30
Fragment 11 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 12 of 30
Fragment 13 of 30
Fragment 14 of 30
Fragment 15 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 16 of 30
Fragment 17 of 30
Fragment 18 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 19 of 30
Fragment 20 of 30
Fragment 21 of 30
Fragment 22 of 30
Fragment 23 of 30
Fragment 24 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 25 of 30
Fragment 26 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 27 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 28 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 29 of 30 (not available)
Fragment 30 of 30 (not available)