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WARM FRONTLINE. The required amount has been raised! We are currently buying and sewing warm close and shoes!

It’s getting colder! Our defenders need warm clothes!

The cold in the trench, in the dugout, on combat duty distracts, weakens, and undermines fighting spirit. But heat is delivered from the rear to the front every day. In socks, thermal underwear, fleeces! In comfortable tactical shoes. Together, we warm our defenders. And they feel this warmth! Literally. One set of high-quality warm cloth and shoes – UAH 3,085 (about EUR 80)

We set ourselves the goal of warming up 100 fighters. 100 sets – UAH 308,500 (about 8,000 EUR)

As a thank you for your contributions, we have prepared something special for you, made by the caring hands of our volunteers. But remember that even 1, 5, 10 EUR help to close huge requests!

From UAH 1,000 (within Ukraine only)

Exclusive chevron with a warrior cat “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” packed in the envelope “Russian warship… DONE!”

  • This warrior cat is a reflection of the Cossack identity and symbolizes resilience, cunning, ingenuity, fighting spirit and indomitability of Ukrainian warriors.
  • It was drawn by our volunteer artist Zoremyra Volkovynska in the first weeks of the war and embodied in a chevron under our order.
  • We deliver chevrons only within Ukraine.

From 10 000 UAH (300 USD/EUR)

Keychain “Plate” made with original fragment of the 9M79 Tochka rocket wing, shot down by our air defense. (40 keychains in total)

  • Model: 9M79 “Tochka” (“Point-U”), NATO reropting name SS-21 Scarab
  • Rocket serial number: 0400007 – Ш9109539
  • Place of fall: Lozova, Kharkiv region
  • Period: April 2022
  • More information about the wreckage of the rocket, a photo of all keychains by number and a cool video of their creation can be viewed at the link below.

What has to be done?

1. Make the donation started from UAH 1,000 to the PO “Volunteer Help 4.5.0.” marked as “charitable contribution” by any way, which is convenient for you – to receive the Exclusive chevron and the donation started from UAH 10,000 (300 USD/EUR) to get the Keychain from 9M79 “Tochka”

2. Fill out the Google form so that we can send your the gift (specify the delivery information and attach the Receipt for the transfer of funds).

3. Await your present! We will contact you and confirm the delivery.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will publish reports on purchases and deliveries of radios for our soldiers.


How can I buy a keychain or a chevron?We do not sell anything, but give souvenirs as a thank you for your contribution to supplying units that are on the front lines.
Can I receive a gift if I have contributed previously and/or to other funds?We are very grateful to those who helped our Defenders, however, gifts will be provided only within the current promotion when making a contribution to the accounts of the PO “Volunteer help 4.5.0.” according the above conditions.
Is it possible to receive a gift abroad?We will send you a keychain to any country in the world where there is a postal service (except the russian federation).
Chevrons are sent only to the controlled by Ukraine territories of within the Nova Poshta service area.
How much is delivery?We will pay the delivery cost ourselves.
Can I make a contribution in several transactions?Yes, you can divide the contribution into several parts. In this case, just attach several receipts when filling out the Google form.

Thanks to everyone who is joining us! United to victory!